James Charles Caught in 4k HDR AGAIN! #DramaAlert Logan Paul to WWE! - Tayler Holder vs GIB!
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  • Wittypup

    He really does keep us in the loop when he gets the scoop

    • Keller_

      @zzahir dude wtffffffffff

    • Keller_

      He really does

    • Chavez773

      No 🧢

    • H3nt91UwU

      Over used joke

    • SkinnyMood27

      @・ 200th like your welcome

  • Keyshaw000 Icy
    Keyshaw000 Icy

    Not to sound mean but they Changed it to Friday nights because of fox

  • rvd05

    Tf 15year old but tall asf😂

  • larsen espinosa
    larsen espinosa

    Hey read my comment Comment:read my comment Comment:read my comment 9years later... Comment:read my note comment Comment:read my comment

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      why do tik tokers think that they are A list celebrities

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    "I'm gonna voice my opinion" don't you do that every DramaAlert Keem?

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      He’s this generations Bill Cosby!

  • Lucasljs

    A woman already said he was a pedo some years ago. Did anyone believe her? No right, because most people think his sexuality makes him above women.

  • YoMamas TheMailMan
    YoMamas TheMailMan

    Im a guy Im not gay or bi Im straight but if James hmu I'd be down, not receiving if yk what I mean.

    • YoMamas TheMailMan
      YoMamas TheMailMan

      @seiom jvony 16, 6'

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      I’m 15 and I’m 5’11

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    We need more creators like you who understand that’s blatantly not right what James is doing. Canceled forsure he doesn’t care or care to be better


    I just hate the way James speaks

  • Cassie

    The 518 girls are so disappointed in you Jiminy Cricket...."I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!"

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      IS SO FUNNY HAHAHAHA" Im not for any of the things James does, not my scoop of tee content - but Keem is a bully dude no cap

  • Svinetroll

    Pedo's should get shot in the neck.

    • Cassie

      Lock him up

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    different reaction if it would have been 14 16 17 y/o girl it's litterally sad thing to think about

  • Richard Galassini
    Richard Galassini

    Hi keem

  • Iam27 butonceiwas19
    Iam27 butonceiwas19

    No seriously, it's disgusting. These are barely teens, Jesus christ, what the fuck.

    • Iam27 butonceiwas19
      Iam27 butonceiwas19

      @zijuiy wttuy Whats that 🤔

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      Gives me proper MJ vibes

  • Iam27 butonceiwas19
    Iam27 butonceiwas19

    Damn, so I'm definitely too old for James 🙄😂

  • Maria B
    Maria B


  • Braxton Cashbaugh
    Braxton Cashbaugh

    that kids voice is literally to annoying to get any popularity, that’s how bad it is no cap

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    1:43 They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  • Jaz Zuniga Hernandez
    Jaz Zuniga Hernandez

    He’s this generations Bill Cosby!

  • Stan Evans
    Stan Evans

    why do tik tokers think that they are A list celebrities

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi

      Exposed he is the real 6ix9ine 8:35

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry

    I’m 15 and I’m 5’11

  • Yousif Alameen
    Yousif Alameen

    I think this is child harassment

    • Yousif Alameen
      Yousif Alameen

      He has to stop this guy is gonna go to jail for a long timeeee

  • Our crAzy Life
    Our crAzy Life

    Brice Hall thinks that he is something and he is nothing except ewwwwww!!!!

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    IS SO FUNNY HAHAHAHA" Im not for any of the things James does, not my scoop of tee content - but Keem is a bully dude no cap

    • ISH

      And how’s he a bully? Imagine it was someone straight taking to underage girls?? There’s be a whole different reaction... so it’s only fair

  • mammoth 420
    mammoth 420

    u wanna know my thoughts HIRE THAT KID 69K PER YEAR

  • Nelson Valconi
    Nelson Valconi

    Lock him up

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig

      Logan Paul is a actor why do you think he is in WWE?

  • Hugo Bob
    Hugo Bob


  • Miguel Padilla
    Miguel Padilla

    who is gonna fight danny?

  • Mr Ace
    Mr Ace

    Gives me proper MJ vibes


    The 14 year old was wrong but damn that’s bs 4-5 years older than someone shouldn’t be that bad like really 🙄 James ain’t know how to do shit though

  • Leon Trusty
    Leon Trusty

    the hollywid fix are such shit people

  • Love Rae
    Love Rae

    I’m tired of the people saying “if the roles were reversed and the victims were girls he’d be locked up”. Because that’s not entirely true. The Lopez brothers still have their platform and didn’t go to jail, DurteDom is still not in jail. Many allegations against Austin Mcbroom and so on. It’s the “celebrity” status that keep these influencers from losing everything. Because no matter what there will always be at least some people that will continue to support them. Especially those who have a young fan base. Jame’s “celebrity” status and young audience is the reason why he faced no consequences (on top of societies skewed perception of male victims). (This is just my opinion in this specific case. However, i am not denying and actually agree that society doesn’t take male victims as serious as female victims and that it’s another issue within itself)

  • Storm Cranford
    Storm Cranford

    How has James Charles not been arrested? Even if the kids lied about their age, the crime is still being committed. Doesn't matter if the kid lied about their age.

  • Jay Edition
    Jay Edition

    4 allegations in 1 year never done before

  • XDpingzed

    Exposed he is the real 6ix9ine 8:35

  • Glo Jay
    Glo Jay

    Keep dat Minecraft kid he his funny

  • CodaJSUN

    Anyone else impressed with the 15 year old that is 6’9”?! Dude’s been eating his veggies.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    The 518 girls are so disappointed in you Jiminy Cricket...."I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!"

  • Neilos

    Keemstar just reports what H3 says nowadays.

  • Uros Lucic
    Uros Lucic


    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      Corpse, Dream, and Karl do not have a young audience

  • Uros Lucic
    Uros Lucic

    Logan Paul is a actor why do you think he is in WWE?

  • Francisco Alvarado
    Francisco Alvarado

    I am fucking confused David was canceled lost all his brand deals but and he didn’t even commit the crime but James does this shit like it is okay

  • Mikidadi Kansale
    Mikidadi Kansale

    That s*** fake

  • Mista Measor
    Mista Measor

    I feel like Keem uses any reason to hate on Tik Tokers. TBH, if I were in Bryce Halls position, I would’ve been pissed to

  • Emily An
    Emily An


  • Michael Killer romines Dragon family
    Michael Killer romines Dragon family

    Smackdowns on Fridays

  • Michael Killer romines Dragon family
    Michael Killer romines Dragon family

    It is Logan Paul they are master already

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      the "interactions" that he has done! Also, something relating to tickling your nose means that someone is thinking about you!

  • Gamin Simba
    Gamin Simba

    at this point just send him to brazil and never return

  • Ira Godrijan
    Ira Godrijan

    Omg its not that big diffrence between 18 yo and 21 yo chill dudes, its not like he is raping somebody

  • Blade TRUE
    Blade TRUE


  • Kastro


  • Ms DarkstaR
    Ms DarkstaR

    Keem's enthusiasm during the intros to these vids are everything I didn't know I needed in life!

  • Sammy Bennetts
    Sammy Bennetts

    James Charles better change his preference in men because there won’t be any toddlers in prison

  • KingKeelan gaming
    KingKeelan gaming

    It’s Friday Daniel Friday

  • naylaa

    Corpse, Dream, and Karl do not have a young audience

  • Marshall. A. Makaveli.
    Marshall. A. Makaveli.

    James Charles is a weird dude. VERY WEIRD!!!

  • E

    Im gonna be honest. Im a big fan of Corpse and the Minecraft streamers BUT James Charles needs to be cancelled bruh.... (sry for my english)

  • Chad Veronica
    Chad Veronica

    This dude is making money off calling real pedophils ... pedophils. Think about it

  • E C
    E C

    Keen I’m so proud of you 🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼👍👍👍👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • E F
    E F

    keem fighting to stop cancel culture in one video and try to cancel that dude in the next one

  • Zero Breaks
    Zero Breaks

    Absolutely Keem!!! He should not have access to dm these boys. Do parents need to warn their kids now about celebrities reaching out in dms for their sexual needs? This is insane. Ill bet he isnt the only celebrity taking advantage of their fans via the dms.

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    I know I shouldn't say this but I think James Charles is a danger to all of society not only social media but the world as a whole and he should be put in jail for a long time for all the "interactions" that he has done! Also, something relating to tickling your nose means that someone is thinking about you!

  • Floyd1504

    Bryce Hall = roid rage

  • Beasty 412
    Beasty 412

    James needs to get fucking banned on yt

  • LotusAsakura

    LETS not forget years Ago Keem said the N word on the internet people can changed

  • Yousuf Ashraf
    Yousuf Ashraf

    We should join Jake and James' names and call them both clowns, Jake Charles? KSI's reddit, ur business is at operation : )

  • Muhamed Delic
    Muhamed Delic

    Keem: "im just telling the news" Also Keem: "GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!!" Extra: "Are you really gonna be collabing with James knowing all of this, ARE YOU?" Bonus: "HIS VOICE IS SO FUNNY HAHAHAHA" Im not for any of the things James does, not my scoop of tee content - but Keem is a bully dude no cap

  • Storm

    With James Charles it's because society does not accept male grooming as an actual threat...

  • Epicwaffle 05
    Epicwaffle 05

    I’m so happy that kid got hired 😂

  • Beefy Bacon
    Beefy Bacon

    Hire that kid!!!!

  • cylestial night
    cylestial night

    Wait so who's boxing Danny Duncan?

  • rb1033

    The sick thing is imagining how many other boys that James Charles is texting that haven’t came forward. This guy likes the younger boys because he is able to manipulate them.

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    perhaps this is why he and the Dolan twins are no longer friends he probably tried to get with one of them

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    James is gross imagine how he will take advantage of teenagers when he is 40

  • Zach Wright
    Zach Wright

    James "He lied about his age" Charles

  • Brian Laureus
    Brian Laureus

    I just turned 22 like a week ago and I've dated around a similar age range 18 ,19 and 17 at the youngest. 17only if they are actually that old and because age of consent in my state is 17. But I've never actually sought out girls of that age usually they are the ones that have hit on me prob cause of my age since girls tend to like older guys especially if they are young. But now that I'm 22 I'm gonna stay clear of girls of that age, cause obviously the age gap is just to much at this point. But idk maybe things are different where james is in terms of the laws but yea dudes definitely fuckin up. And I'm not even a fan of this nigga

  • Alexis Garica
    Alexis Garica

    I honestly doubt James Charles will ever get canceled why? because he is gay and everyone supports gays... just look at tiktok most the controversy comes from people who support gay or are gay because that’s the whole candle culture community

    • Alexis Garica
      Alexis Garica


  • Wooder

    don't think I should be surprised about this situation ngl

  • Carlton Collins
    Carlton Collins

    Crazy how Logan can lose and still get more endorsed than KSI

  • Movie Maniac
    Movie Maniac

    This is pog log

  • ErrorInMyCode

    this guy is the only over energetic youtuber that I am actually entertained by

  • RJS

    I think keem has a crush on James

  • Breanna Bebe
    Breanna Bebe

    These parents need to press charges because it looks like jack shit is going to be done about it, and it’s because it’s boys. If they were girls he’d be buried rn.

  • RollsRoyce252

    9:10 how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man

  • Mary-Alison Reed
    Mary-Alison Reed

    James charles is trash

  • Rayyz ZA
    Rayyz ZA

    Logan literally spoke about his experience as grandpa monster on his podcast

  • James Black
    James Black

    Keemstar (who I've only just heard of and will not be revisiting): Trisha and Ethan cancel culture adpocalypae blah bla bla Me: *searches him up and his content is literally non stop cancel culture . LOL!!! And h3h3 is only drama related ATM because it's huge news.

  • Kevwe Erhirhie
    Kevwe Erhirhie

    Keem the WWE poster literally said next Friday

  • ups sleek
    ups sleek

    Why doesn't ISnets get James Charles off ISnets like they did David

  • LoonaCry

    James Charles is creep. I really doubt he didn't know when he's been accused numerous times and given the exact same excuse every time.

  • ΛPΣX

    James getting caught in 8k

  • Viridiana Soto
    Viridiana Soto

    Who tf thinks sways looks good lmao

  • XVI

    This world be straight savage now.

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway

    It's funny, people hate it and just sit there saying wrestling is fake but it's literally the biggest sport in the world, it's got billions of fans 😂

  • Matthew Dibble
    Matthew Dibble

    Smack down is on Friday’s not Thursday’s

  • Liby Bralley
    Liby Bralley

    wow bryce halls masking wearing skills are amazing!! he's obviously taking this pandemic seriously. :)

  • Christy Jophy
    Christy Jophy

    Logan in wrestlemania???? That going to be mad

  • Lucas Phillips
    Lucas Phillips

    Wait so if you’re an adult and you tell an underage kid they look good... that’s rong🤨

  • Zlexy

    Bro 19 year old ain’t that deep let my man do his ting fam

  • Ryan Fernandes
    Ryan Fernandes

    never knew that was what snapping meant

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